Audiovisual Solutions

Clear and concise communication is essential in every organization and business. Up-to-date audiovisual technology can help you collaborate with customers, staff, and colleagues. Whether you are looking for simple or complex implementations, Wiltec offers many solutions for your audio and video needs. We help you deliver your message clearly and concisely with the aid of today’s cutting-edge technologies.

Some of our most popular solutions include:
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  • SMART Boards, projectors, and projection screens
  • Educational video systems, teacher-aided training systems, and assisted audio learning systems
  • Conferencing systems
  • Paging, intercom and high-end audio distribution systems
  • Control integration of presentation rooms


In order to reach you audience and provide an accessible and direct message, your newly installed audiovisual equipment will meet the following criteria:

  • User-friendly: Your staff will need to be trained to use this equipment, but overall the solutions we offer are simple to set-up and use, allowing your organization to create seamless speeches, professional presentations, and other media applications.
  • Current technology: Wiltec offers the most reliable, current, and cost effective technology to help you meet your goals.
  • Flexibility: The equipment we install is appropriate for both small and large applications and will also accommodate diverse goals and objectives.
  • Reliability: All of our installations are reliable and dependable. You won’t need to worry whether or not your projector will work or if you’ll be able to hear your colleagues during a conference call. Just to be sure, Wiltec also offers customized service plans for all types of applications and equipment.

To get started with Wiltec today, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!