Wiltec Technologies offers experienced experts available to your business in every aspect of technology integration. Streamlined processing and available service call options ensure that your experience with Wiltec will be professional, innovate, and reliable.
Some of our specialties at Wiltec include:

  • Audiovisual Solutions
  • Safety and Security Solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Electrical Services
  • Structured Cabling

Tracking Your Solutions
Part of our fail-safe for customer satisfaction includes our “System Service Call Summary” (SSCS). The SSCS is a service outline that is tailored to your unique issues, goals, and expectations. This report will be drafted and sent to you after each service call. The SCSS includes the following detailed sections:

  • icon Problem Summary: This is a summary of the problem you are experiencing, outlined from your perspective.
  • icon Problem Details: This section explores the technical issue and when and how you began to notice the problem. Our experts may also list additional issues or symptoms that are related to the problem you first noticed.
  • icon Problem Resolution: A user-friendly account of how the problem was solved and how we plan to ensure the problem won’t happen again.
  • icon Recommendations: This section offers suggestions for your consideration. These recommendations focus on ways to enhance your current system

Within each of these specialties, we employ industry-leading experts to help you with all of your technological and electrical projects. Click here for project profiles on some of our most recent successes.