Wiltec is Southeast Michigan’s premier systems integrator. With over 25 years of experience, Wiltec offers full systems integration services for lighting and control, audiovisual, and life-safety and security solutions. Our strong local presence in Detroit and Ann Arbor allows us to deploy services quickly and efficiently throughout the region. In other words, we’re there when you need us.

Wiltec evolved from separate companies that were created in the late 1980s to serve the electrical, optical fiber and cabling, security, and telephony markets. Founder and President, Jack Wilson, took advantage of these new growth opportunities and created Wiltec to provide these services to the community.

After just a few years, St. Joseph Hospital in Ann Arbor hired Wiltec to complete a large-scale cabling and electrical project. This was the beginning of Wiltec’s growth into what it has become today. With any large opportunity comes challenges and given the size of the project, close to 50 individuals were needed to re-cable an entire health care campus for voice and data services. Through dedication and perseverance, the project was completed within one year and to this day, Wiltec still remains the vendor of choice.
Exemplary experience with Wiltec centers on our expert team collaborating with customers one-on-one. This relationship allows us to get to know your goals and expectations for the project .We strive to provide exceptional customer service for each and every client by:

  • Providing cutting edge solutions
  • Enhancing our client’s experience
  • Creating innovative services
  • Listening carefully to your requirements and project parameters

mountain“Hiking a mountain presents challenges and rewards similar to maintaining a successful technology integrator business. First and foremost, be prepared. Besides being physically and emotional ready, be confident in your skills and know your capabilities and limitations. Bring the tools that will help you successfully summit and reach your goals. You need a strong team (maybe even man’s best friend) to support you in your quest. Look back at the trail to see your past accomplishments–you have just begun your journey toward higher summits, improved techniques, and inspired goals. The air may be thin from this new vantage point, but it is a feeling that is like no other, creating strength and confidence to tackle the next peak. “